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Research & Studies

CAWTAR's research and studies take into consideration the interconnection and complementarity of the economic, social, cultural, legal and political factors in determining the situation of women in society, and the interconnection of the international, regional and national effects with the local ones and those generated within the family, and even within each individual.. In this perspective, CAWTAR publishes research documents and reports to support decision-makers in the Arab region in formulating gender-sensitive policies and strategies, without which sustainable human and economic development would not be feasible.


Arab Adolescents: values and Human rights. Bahrain, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco

Issued in 2009 to follow up on the findings of CAWTAR’s second Arab Woman Development Report: Arab Adolescent Girl: Reality and Prospects, published in 2003 and which covered 5 countries: Bahrain, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco. The study analysis’ is constructed on the data (Interviews) collected during the research undertaken for the preparation of the AWDR in addition to other new data.

Gender, work, informal economy: Glossary

Published in 2009 under the joint regional initiative between the Center for Arab Women Training and Research "CAWTAR" and the International Labor Organization - Regional Office for Arab countries on "Gender Equality and the Rights of Workers in Informal Economies of Arab countries." The catalog was published after requests received by institutions that had implemented the initiative from bodies operating in the area about the need to clarify concepts related to informal work and remove confusion.

Arab Media from a gender perspective: Trends and Operational Tools

Published in 2009 under the second phase of the Program of Gender and Arab media. It draws on the most important findings of the three reports of Arab Women Development "Arab Women and Media: an Analytical Study of Research Conducted between 1995 and 2005" based on the conclusions and major recommendations that emerged from various conferences, research efforts and related initiatives in the Arab region.

Media coverage of women’s political participation in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia

Synthesis Report (2009)
Published in 2009, in the framework of the project "Strengthening women's leadership and participation in politics and decision-making in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia”, initiated by the United Nations International Research and Training Institute for the Advancement of Women (UN¬INSTRAW) and the Center of Arab Women for Training and Research (CAWTAR). The report is the result of a regional competition, organized as a media exercise to select best researches on media coverage of women’s political participation in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. This competition involved master’s degree students in communication and press institutes in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

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